Interieur Design by Dick Mulders

Futuristic Warmth

Altea Hills - Valencia, Spanje

The interior design of a state-of-the art villa with architect Ramon Gandia's (RGB Arquitectos) particular signature. A space craft has landed on the rugged Spanish costa.  But warm on the inside and designed to human dimensions. DMD Amsterdam created a synthesis between the organic modern outside and the need to come home when you are on holiday. Well situated in the hills of Altea with a stunning view of the Mediterranean, a distinctive villa has been risen. An interwoven play of exterior and interior lines provides a sense of living in a single space, seamless on the inside and outside, while the use of sturdy, authentic materials does justice to the natural surroundings.  No concessions to comfort and at the same time light and airy like a holiday destination should be.


Interior Design. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) selection.


Ramon Gandia, COvast


Salvador Aspa