Futuristic Warmth
Altea Hills, Spain

Futuristic Warmth

Situated in the Spanish Altea Hills is an ultra-modern villa where tranquility and spaciousness are the essential features. The outcome results from a cooperation between DMD and the Spanish architect Ramon Gandia ( RGB Arquitectos ).

The villa looks like a spaceship landed in the rocky mountains of Altea. The perfect spot, where a distinctive-looking villa looks over the beautiful Mediterranean sea. DMD Amsterdam created a synthesis between the modern organic outside and the need to come home when you are on holiday. No concessions to comfort and, at the same time, light and airy, like a holiday destination, should be.

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Photos by

Salvador Aspa

“A play of lines between exterior and interior creates a feeling of living outside and inside in one space and the use of sturdy, authentic materials do justice to the natural environment.”

Jerry Saffrie – CEO Covast Development & real estate developer
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