HQ Alliander Bellevue
Arnhem, The Netherlands

HQ Alliander Bellevue, as part of COARE

As a member of the COARE team, Dick Mulders was requested to do a sustainable redevelopment of the 20,000 square meters headquarters of Alliander in Arnhem from a 1980s traditional office to an award-winning working environment that recognises the need for colleagues to work together and apart in flexible set-ups that will stand the test of time. It was an exciting challenge to reapply all old materials into new applications, finishes, and furniture with the active involvement of a deeply committed group of clients who co-shaped their own offices in a collaborative spirit.

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Photos by

Jelle Rietveld

“We attach great value to sustainability and circularity. Because of this way of thinking, we set a high bar to shape the best possible working environment.”

Linda Anbeek, Project leader renovation Alliander
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