Interieur Design by Dick Mulders

Over the mountains across the lake

Millstatt am See, Austria

The luxurious, modern chalet villa is situated in the mountains at the shores of the Millstatter Lake. A place to vacation with the warmth and atmosphere of your own house. The lines of the impressive exteriors are in perfect harmony with those of the interior. Light, space and view are an integral part in every room. Comfortable and luxurious in summer and in winter. The wishes of the owners have been translated into a functionally robust and esthetically pleasing design. At the border of Italy and Austria you find a seamless synthesis of the European culture in a chalet that one can rightfully call a masterpiece. All selected materials and textures are in balance and provide a modern appearance with a warm and silky lining.


Project development, Interior design, projectmanagement


Phillipp Schuster