Interieur Design by Dick Mulders

Timeless, International, Freedom, Surprising

About us

The designs of DMD Amsterdam show the drive and desire to create an enviroment of international standing. A design that provides a sense of freedom and own identity. Our clients are always in the lead when it comes to the end result, the path towards this destination we walk together.

The journey through life and the travels across the world make DMD Amsterdam and their designs stand out. The international influences translate into the designs. The outcomes are often a well-balanced combination of timeless, authentic materials and state-of-the-art textures.

Moreover DMD Amsterdam creates something surprising, something outstanding, something unique. A 'Signature Piece' in every design. A high bar for quality and a critical eye to conventions enable DMD Amsterdam to access the exact client's wishes and to evolve these to a successful and timeless concept. Designs of DMD Amsterdam are bold!

DMD Amsterdam - founder Dick Mulders. 1977


DMD Amsterdam offers amongst other the following services:

Interior Design
Architectural services
Turnkey project development
Budget services
Building- & Projectmanagement